BBSmart HTML Email Viewer

This amazing blackberry software HTML email viewer for blackberry gives you the possibility to view HTML emails on your blackberry, so stop using this annoying Blackberry email viewer and start using a real HTML email viewer today! this software is compatible with the following blackberry models: 7250, 7100X, 8820, 8705g, 7105t, 7780, 7230, Curve 8300, 8700g, 7130v, 7280, 7100T, 7100R, 7130e, Pearl 8100, 7290, 8707g, 8700r, 7100i, 7510, 7100V, 7210, 8707v, 7130c, 7520, 8310, 8703e, 7100g, 7750, 7730, 8830, 8700c, 7130g

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