SMS Eraser Blackberry Software OS 4.2.1

SMS eraser is a cool software for your blackberry which allows you to send self destructing SMS messages from both the senders and receivers blackberry. the self-destructing SMS application also offers group texting, emoticons and organizational tools such as the ability to create groups.

this application was designed for Blackberry OS 4.2.1
· Self-Destructing Text (SMS) messages sent to any SMS capable phone
· Self-Destructing Picture (MMS) messages to any SMS capable phone
· Create Groups to save time when sending the same texts to separate people
· Send fun emoticons in your SMS's to any SMS capable phone
· Regular Text (SMS) Messages
· Regular Picture (MMS) messages
· Destructing messages are deleted from both your phone and the receiver's phone
· Messages cannot be forwarded
· Messages are difficult to copy or print

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